MODEL U1319E - Unitized Shrink Package System

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The Model U1319E is the newest addition to the Pack-All line of Unitized Shrink Packaging Systems. This system is designed and built to provide quality, reliability and productivity to the lower-volume and/or intermittent use customer.

Unitized Shrink Package System - Model U1319E

The Pack-All U1319E brings a new dimension in machinery to the lower-volume/intermittent-use segment of the shrink packaging market. It combines the proven reliability of the Pack-All U1319 line of unitized systems with the affordability of a basic machine designed for the low-volume user.

The U1319E provides greater capacity and range than competitive machinery, foreign or domestic and is the most cost-effective basic system available. Compared to many other machines, it has a larger seal area, a larger tunnel that allows a greater range of product applications, more heat-generating capacity and a powerful blower motor for superior air movement that produces excellent finished packages consistently. Incorporating such features as Pre-made seal wires and Automatic cool-down in addition to its 18-month warranty, the American-made U1319E offers more features for the money and is clearly the best value in entry-level machinery.

pre-made seal wires

Pre-made, pre-stretched, quick-change seal wires.

control panel for compact system

Easy to operate with simple controls

Key Features:

  • American Design and Construction for best workmanship and assurance of quality, consistency and availability of parts
  • Pre-Made, Pre-stretched, Quick-Change seal wires assure fastest, safest, easiest wire changes and less down-time
  • Automatic Cool-Down assures proper shutdown of system, increasing production time and decreasing maintenance
  • 18-Month warranty provides coverage beyond industry standard of 1 year and increases value of the U1319E

U1319E Specifications:

  • Seal area: 13"W x 19"L
  • Tunnel chamber: 20"L x 14"W x 8"H
  • Heat Generating Capacity: 2,000 Watts
  • Dimensions: 80.75˝L x 20˝W x 50.5˝H
    (54˝H with optional casters)
  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Power: 120V, 15A, single power cord