We have expanded our line of Accumulation Tables, adding new models and increasing our ability to meet a more comprehensive range of applications for this extremely productive and cost-effective machinery. In addition to our established AT36P, AT48SS, AT36P and AT48SS machines, we now have AT60P and AT48SS models and an AT48SS-WD model for applications where a wash-down capability is required. The AT60 models provide a 60"D table surface in either powder-coated or Stainless Steel finish for those who need a larger accumulation surface. The new AT48SS-WD is a 48"D, completely Stainless Steel machine with a wash-down capability.

All of these machines allow for a more productive use of both packaging personnel and floor space, reducing floor space requirements and increasing labor productivity and efficiency. While they are effective for a wide range of product applications, they substantially increase the productivity of our shrink systems by creating a self-contained "work cell" that allows one person to both operate the shrink system and perform pack-off of accumulated products with minimal floor space requirements.

We have these machines in daily use in a variety of production environments, running a broad spectrum of product applications and saving money for our customers.

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